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Are you and your organization executing a solid growth strategy?

We provide consulting services with primary focus on the automotive and mobility industries. We support Clients in building successful strategies - to fully benefit from current technololgy and industry change sand to reach profitable long-term growth.

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Is Leadership Coaching Right For You, and Your Organization? Do you need Leadership Training & Mentoring? Or Do You Want to Quickly Acquire Subject Matter Epertise?

We have Excellent News for you: Here at ANKER ELEKTRA dba FocalPoint Automotive & Mobility we offer all of those services and many more - always tailored to our Clients' specific needs, challenges and objectives.

Is your business part of the automotive & mobility industries and challenged by current industry disruptions?

At present, the automotive and mobilty sector is undergoing significant evolutions and disruptions - and may see the biggest changes it has ever seen in its existence - commonly they are referrd to as the 4ACES:

Autonomous Vehicles: Vehicles can perform more driving functions automatically, without driver involvment.

Connected Vehicles: Cars increasingly become connected IoT devices for many of their functionalities.

Electric Vehicles: Electric powertrains fed from high-voltage batteries increasingly power passenger and commercial vehicles, taking over from gas and diesel engines.

Shared Vehicles: Instead of owning one or several vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) becomes increasingly available.

If you are business leader, corporate executive or passionate professional affected by these changes, and who is not satisfied with the status quo and WILLING TO IMPROVE, please contact me in order to discuss how we can help your business and organization.

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